Body Wrap

Body treatments are designed to exfoliate, detoxify, nourish and relax the body as well as calm the mind and soothe the senses.  Sessions include body scrub,massage,mask and steam .


Swiss Anti cellulite Treatments $ 145 – 90 min

This clinically proven spa professional anti cellulite treatment owes its effectiveness to specific complex of plant and essential oils and phyto marine ingredients . it activates lipolytic system(burning fat), draining ,relieving tissue congestion, eliminating toxins, smoothing and softening skin leaving it a satin smooth texture. This treatment is recommended for people exhibiting diffused or localized cellulite.

Swiss Contour and firming treatment $145 -90 min

This professional spa body firming treatment owes its effectiveness to specific complex of phyto floral oils carefully combined so that it contributes to firming up the cutaneous structure, revitalize the skin texture and smoothing of stretch marks. It is recommended as _a firming treatment or anti stretchmark preventive treatment ; _a body and or bust skin elasticity booster treatment (after pregnancy or rapid weight loss); _ a treatment against stretch marks .


 Thalasso-Oligo  Detox and hydrating Treatment   90 min /$145

marine sea water with polysaccarides derived from brown and red algae is deeply moisturizing and detoxifying .

Hydro-Active Mineral Salts Body Exfoliations    30 min /$55     60 min /$85
Nutrient rich Dead Sea Salts, Kelp extracts and exfoliating enzymes are
combined with a blend of essential oils to exfoliate and detoxify the body

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