LHE Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Photorejuvenation – Turning Back the Lines of Time

LHE skin rejuvenationWrinkles, age spots, sun spots and spider veins – medically known as rhytides and pigmented and vascular lesions are outward manifestations of aging or sun damaged skin. Once simply accepted as a fact of growing older, these skin imperfections can now be safely and easily treated. New light based techniques like LHE have provided today's cosmetic patients with virtually painless, non surgical options.

  • LHE Skin Rejuvenation
  • Non-Ablative Photo Rejuvenation
  • Fast Treatments – No Downtime

A comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment may include several treatment goals simultaneously; the improvement of fine lines and skin texture, and the removal of age spots and spider veins. LHE's optimal balance of light and heat enables you to accomplish this multi-factorial process without having to change treatment heads.

LHE has demonstrated a clinically proven ability to safely deliver more youthful looking skin and a high level of client satisfaction.

LHE technology's innovative balance of Light and Heat creates a more efficient photothermal process that enables low energy levels. This low J/cm² level optimizes safety and eliminates the need for pre-treatment protocols or skin cooling techniques. Non ablative, LHE treatments are faster and safer with absolutely no downtime, giving your clients the freedom to squeeze a quick appointment into their busy day.

A Growing Need

Through advanced medicine and technology, people are living longer, healthier and more active lives. And in this new era of fast track careers and spreading social influence looking good is more important than ever before.

Most of today's cosmetic patients are likely to be 30 to 50 something urban professionals. These busy patients need to maximize improvements in skin texture and appearance while minimizing downtimes. They need a safe, fast and reliable treatment option that won't slow them down. For them LHE is the perfect answer.

How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works

How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works
As the skin ages and is exposed to the elements of nature, it suffers from degradation and imperfections. Using LHE technology, short pulses of light and heat selectively target and coagulate chromophores in the epidermis and papillary dermis.
How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works
Oxy-hemoglobin in vascular lesions and melanin in pigmented lesions are coagulated. The coagulated cells are eliminated by a natural process and replaced by new cells. For fine lines and wrinkles, LHE creates a mild thermal insult to the dermal-epidermal junction. The insult triggers a wound-healing process and new collagen remodels under an undamaged outer layer.
How LHE Skin Photorejuvenation Works  
LHE results in clearer, smoother, younger looking skin and leads to high patient satisfaction.  

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