Herbal Remedies

herbal remediesHerbal together with acupuncture are the 2 main part of the traditional chinese medicine, it is the usage of fresh or dried herbals in an prescribed amount and combination to treat a variety of disease.

In an ideal state, yin and yang in all their forms are perfectly balanced in every part of the body. However, external or internal factors can upset this balance, leading to disease. Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment involves identifying the factors that are out of balance and attempting to bring them back into harmony. Diagnosis is carried out by feeling the pulse, that is taking the pulse with extraordinary care and sensitivity, observing the tongue (colour and coatings), and asking a long series of questions.

It is important to realize that diagnosis according to TCM differs greatly from Western diagnosis. To understand this, consider two hypothetical patients with the single Western diagnosis of migraine headaches. The first might be said to have "dryness in the liver and ascending Qi," while another might be diagnosed with "exogenous wind-cold." Based on these differing diagnoses, entirely different remedies might be applied. In other words, there is no such thing as a TCM remedy for migraines , rather, treatment must be individualized to the imbalance determined by traditional theory. That is why what ever remedie that worked for one doesn't always work for another one.

The herbal can be taken in different ways, the most traditional way is to take home packs of dried herbs and boil the herbs for several hours in a ceramic pot , repeat the process one more time, combine the tea obtained, and drink it two or three times a day, certain herbs require to be added at the end while others may require longer preparation time . This could be very time consuming . At Silver Springs we offer the only one in Vancouver  to boil the herb and pack in an air tight sachet for the clients, the whole process is done automatically in a special herbal brewing machine,clients will take the sachets home,  simply warm the tea in the microwave for thirty seconds and is ready to drink, sometimes, some herbal could be quite bitter to drink, we can also take the prescribed herbal formulation to make it into powder, tablets or capsules.

Chinese herbal remedy is a very natural and effective way to treat virtually any conditions, when visiting the herbalist please  bring any medication currently taking and paying special attention to all the changes of the body two weeks prior to the first consultation will be greatly helpful.

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