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Facials begin with detail skin assessment and a discussion of clients skin concern,for an appropriate choice of products and or aesthetic devices to be used .

express facial $70 (45min)
this facial contains all the essential skin care regime for the maintenance of healthy skin. please note it doesn’t include acne extractions.

soothing spring facial $95 (60 min)
extra gentle facial to soothe environmentally sensitized skin and to reduce redness, using products that strengthen the walls of the capillary. Also ideal after sun exposure.

multivitamin power facial $95(60 min)
super concentrated antioxidant vitamins A,C,E and botanicals are used to promote collagen and elastin production to increase skin elasticity. Ideal for congested and mature skin

anti bac purifying facial $95 (60 mn)
help calm blemish prone skin by fighting bacteria and oil production.Facial has deep pore cleansing and extractions.

back treatment $95 (60 min)
a purifying acne treatment for the back with steam,exfoliation,extractions and mask.

intensive hydro facial $95 (60 min)
instantly regain the hydration for a healthy and luminous skin.

moonlight facial $120(60 min)
this facial incorporate LED light therapy which increase circulation and collagen production resulting in a smooth and glowing skin

microdermabrasion facial $120 (60 min)

deeply exfoliates, polishes,and increases lymphatic drainage of skin stimulating new collagen growth,it helps acne, dull and rough skin.

lifting facial $130 (90 min)
lessen the appearance of sagging skin and expression lines with the application of the latest RF technology and a toning facial massage for an instant lift.

Ion C facial $130 (90 min) 
delivery of L-ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) with iontophoresis for a deeper penetration to protect from the UVA/UVB damage and to prevent premature aging.

kyung Rag facial $130 (90 min) 
this treatment incorporate Korean style remodeling facial massage for facial contour and lifting

collagen eye treatment  $120 (60 min)

intensive eye revitalizing treatment that smooth out crow’s feet ,deep wrinkles,puffiness and dark circles , using advance Swiss bio integral active cellular therapy. This treatment is focus on the eye area only.

oxygen facial $168 (90 min)
therapeutic hyperbaric oxygen pressure infuse skin cocktails of vitamins, antioxidant and aminopeptides to the deeper layer of the skin for an unparalleled hydration and a visible age defying result.Hottest treatment in Hollywood!

Bioactive face  renewal treatment $120~$168 (60-75min)

Using a unique synergy blend of fruit triple acid and working at the golden PH level of 3.5 , this is a face treatment for anyone seaking rejuvenation for enviromentally dammaged skin, pigmentation , problematic and dull skin .

Wrinkles eraser facial $200 (90 min)
visible wrinkle smoothing result from just 1 treatment ! using cellular therapy to repair damaged skin cells and regain the vitality of the skin, better and safer than botox.

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